Seriously? I forgot?



How did I not write a p20140702-070139-25299166.jpgost about the AR50? Epic fail! I should be fired! Well, two months later…it was great. Monica and I ran around with Ryder and LC and cheered on the runners. We met Johnny at most stops and made sure he had his beloved pickles and scooted him along. Jim met Johnny at Rattlesnake bar and ran the last leg with him. My sister, Amy, and her husband, Ryan, went to Auburn early and set up some easy ups by20140702-070137-25297769.jpg the finish line and bbq’d  with my parents, Kyle and Katie, and the little kiddos during the day. Monica and I met up with everyone to cheer Johnny  to the finish.  He came in at about the same time as last year but the course was a little more difficult. Overall he was happy with his time and we were happy that he felt so much stronger than the previous year.

Our latest discussions have been what do we need for Javelina…how to stay cool and hydrated and how are we going to get everything down there. Which has prompted me to purchase a new Patagonia bag! EEEEE! It should be here this week. It’s definitely justifiable since I don’t have a “real” carry-on bag! We need to bring an easy up for Ry and I to sit under during the race so it will count as one of our checked in bags. We NEED to bring Halloween decorations for the easy up along with all the other racing “necessities”.  The packing logistics are exhausting!😉

Lately our meal planning has gone out the window! I’ve been going to the gym twice a week (NEEDS to be three times!), Ry has soccer one night, and Johnny works other nights. We have been all over the place with who is home for dinner and when. Johnny has been trying to make chicken or ground turkey for us to use in wraps or with brown rice for lunches and that has been helping to curb the eating out at lunch time but we need to figure out a method to get dinners back on track though.



Oh the Pressure!

Last night Johnny worked late. He has a 20 mile run today so I offered to make his running snacks so that he didn’t have to do it when he got home.  He has been eating tortilla wraps with almond butter for awhile now so I knew what they looked like and thought it would be a piece of cake! When he left for work he told me 2 Tbs of almond butter on each wrap. Later he texted me to add salt and also pack a pickle and some juice in a bag. As I made the first wrap I just stuck my 20140526-071055-25855907.jpgknife in and grabbed enough almond butter to cover the tortilla but then I started wondering…is this too much butter? Is it too little? I didn’t measure it. Should I take it all off and measure? Does he reaalllly mean TWO tablespoons? Or about 2? After much internal debate I decided the butter was okay but with the next one  I’d measure! Then it was salt time. Eew! Isn’t this too salty? I hope I didn’t put too much salt and now he won’t be able to eat it! The next wrap I carefully measured out 2 Tbs of almond butter and it was hardly anything! Uh oh! I added a dash of salt and called it a day!

Then it was pickle time! I opened a fresh jar of pickles and grabbed the middle one. Hmmm, it looks small. What about the one next to it? Eh, it’s a little small too. Shoot. Does he need a bigger one? I grabbed a third one and put it in the bag with “some” juice and hoped it was enough.

Wow, I never knew making two almond butter wraps and a pickle would be such a difficult task! Being a part of the crew is harder than I thought!😉20140526-071054-25854064.jpg

Note: We met Johnny out on his run and he said he didn’t even need a wrap! Ha ha ha! All that worrying…

Run Run Run

Ahhhh….Menu Monday might end up Menu Tuesday! Tonight I tried cross fit for the first time (and survived!) so I wasn’t home for dinner but I  did see some really good looking turkey burgers that Johnny made in the fridge. I might have to snag one for lunch tomorrow!

Last Saturday Johnny and Ryder did a run! Ryder has been doing this kids run since he was just a little guy when Johnny had to run with him holding his hand. It’s only a half mile but it’s so fun to watch him get excited for it. Johnny has worked the last couple of years an missed it but this year said he’d take it off so that he could watch Ry….and then said he was going to sign up for the 10k!😉 Ry ended up 5th out of the big swarm of kids. It’s not that anyone keeps track of the kids “place” but it’s important to him and it’s the first thing he asks anytime he runs a race. All the kids have number ones on their bib and he’s so baffled as to why they are ALL number one! I love his thinking and think it’s good that he has some competition in him. If he tries his hardest to win and looses he knows it’s okay. But he definitely goes into everything to win.  Johnny did really well and had a PR in his 10K. Bodie didn’t get to run this time- maybe next year.  That boy just kept wanting to “run, run, run”!! He is going to be just like his daddy and big brother. Maybe one day they will all run 100 miles together!

My runners!

My runners!

Menu Monday

We didn’t do too bad last week but went out to celebrate our anniversary Friday night and then got lazy Saturday and had Chinese food with the neighbors! With a hectic week ahead and only having one dinner together planned this week I think it’s going to take some meal prep to make sure we don’t eat out every night!

Soccer started on Wednesday nights so no more bike rides that night. Hopefully we can find another night to squeeze it in. We should really get Johnny a new tube for his bike so that we can all go on Monday and Tuesday nights together.

Johnny officially starts training for Javelina tomorrow! He’s loaded up on salt pills and gu and is looking forward to it. Oooooh I enjoyed him having more free time but I am excited to see him accomplish his next goal too! It also helps that we get a little mini vacation out of it with just Ryder! It will be fun to spend time with just this kiddo! And Mimi is already looking forward to taking Bobo trick or treating since we will be gone!😉  He and Ru will have the cutest costumes!

Here is what we have planned for the week:

MondayHawaiian Ribs in the Slow Cooker We made these yesterday but were too full from Mother’s Day brunch at Mimi’s house so we saved it for tonight.  We tasted them as we packed them up and they were really good so I’m looking forward to dinner!

Tuesday: Pizza night- maybe Mexican pizza with black beans, tomato, onions, cilantro and some salsa!

Wednesday: Cilantro Lime Chicken

Thursday: Turkey meatballs and pasta. I’m hoping to make a double batch and freeze some for lunches next week!

Friday: Boys are on their own! I’ll be in a traffic nightmare!

I’m already looking forward to this weekend- even though it will be way too short! In the meantime I’ll be dreaming of Hawaii and wishing I could warp myself here….20140512-070854.jpg

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Menu Monday

We definitely did better this week and didn’t go to bed stuffed like the last two weekends!🙂 Yea for small victories! The  Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Parmesan was a new recipe that we tried last week and it was great! I’m so tired coming off a weekend of potty training though that it’s hard to even think of what to make this week!  Here’s what I have so far!

Monday– Over the weekend I used the Easter ham bone to make this ham and white bean soup in the crock pot for tonight.  Ham and white bean soup always reminds me of my Grandma Bernice. I hope this one is as good as her recipe!

Tuesday– This Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake looks easy to make and we should have leftovers for lunches during the week! I love when dinners make leftover lunches!

Wednesday– Pizza night with the kids!  Here’s a picture of Ry’s ham and spinach pizza last week. 20140428-064112.jpg

Thursday– Ooooh, Thursday. Normally I keep my fingers crossed that my mom and dad will cook dinner for us since Johnny is at work and I pick up the kids at their house after work!😉 But, this week is open house so I’ll have to think of something quick and easy to throw together.  This might be a leftover soup/ black bean quinoa enchilada bake night!

FridayCrock Pot Basalmic Pork Roast and Runner’s World Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts  We have made these brussesls sprouts many times! They are so good! The recipe says to use frozen but we’ve always just bought fresh so it would work either way.


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New Shoes!

Yea for New Shoes! The other day we went to Gold Country Run and Sport so Johnny could get new shoes before the next round of training starts. I maaaay have snuck away to try on a couple things while he was trying on the shoes. zen seekerI ended up the Lucy Zen Seeker top and a hat. They also had a ton of cute things from Oiselle, one of my new favorite brands! This could be my new “perfect” top! The fabric is thin but not see through, it has a great fit on top and is perfectly loose around the stomach without being baggy! 20140425-171758.jpgAnd the hat- every crew member needs a great mesh hat! I think I’ll get Ry one too so that we can match in Arizona!  I also have my eye on a really cute light blue headlamp they had there (sooo much cuter than my boring black one)  …I might have to go back soon to snag it! (hint, hint…mother’s day is just around the corner!

Here is Johnny’s review of his new Altras- pleeeeease let this be the end of the shoe hunt! I’ve never had so much conversation about the anatomy of a running shoe! I wonder what kind of shoes Pheidippides wore when he ran the first “marathon”? I would have loved to hear the conversation with his wife about the shoe drop and stack height of his sandals (if that!) No wonder he died when he arrived!😉

IMG_1015In my never-ending quest to find the perfect running shoe, I decided to try the Altra Olympus. Being a larger than average runner, I’ve come to the conclusion that the more cushion the better. The past few months I’ve used the New Balance Leadville 1210, Hoka Stinson trail, and the Hoka Rapa Nui trail, all of which I liked but they weren’t a shoe I could see myself wanting to wear for my upcoming 100 miler. I got a pair of Olympus a couple of days after I ran American River 50 from the guys up at Gold Country Run and Sport and now that I have a few miles on them here’s my first official shoe review.

First Impressions:

When I first tried them on I didn’t really know anything about Altra or zero drop shoes.  They felt weird in the toe box because they felt wide (almost to wide) and like all of the cushion was right on the ball of my foot. Not really sure what to expect, I decided to get them and try them out on the trail (and I’m glad I did).


As I mentioned earlier, they are wide, but for my feet, they are perfect. I opted for a size 12 rather than my usual 12 ½, as recommended from the guys at the shop. I was concerned with the width at first but after doing some reading on the Altra IMG_1003site I learned that the shoes are made to promote the natural lay of your foot so your toes can spread out.  This makes the shoe very comfortable and I think it will eliminate blisters I have been getting on the sides of my small toes from the more narrow Leadville’s and Hoka’s.

Also, since these shoes are wider, they feel more stable than the redesigned, narrower Hokas.


From the first time I put these on I noticed a huge difference from the other shoes I had been wearing.  In addition to them being a zero drop shoe, the cushion felt really soft and flexible.  This is something I haven’t felt in the Hoka’s, which always felt stiffer to me.  They took a little getting use to on my first run but I’m sure that’s just because I’ve never run in a zero drop shoe before.

The cushioning feels very soft making for good rebound off each step and they are really easy on my knees, making it easier to

If you choose to use gaitor's- they come with a cool strapless gaitor system that makes it easy to put your gaiter's on

If you choose to use gaitor’s- they come with a cool strapless gaitor system that makes it easy to put your gaiter’s on

recover.  This will be a benefit when I get into those back to back long run days when it’s always hard to get going on day two.

The only thing I would change is the tread on the bottom. While it seems like they might be a little more road specific, they were not too bad on trails except for when I was cIMG_1002limbing hills with loose gravel and rocks. It was then that I could feel my foot slipping.  This could also come into play when it is wet and
muddy out.  Hopefully they are already considering a trail version of this shoe with a different tread pattern.


  • Wide toe box                                        
  • Very Breathable
  • Lots of cushion (stack height 36mm)          
  • Stable
  • Durable    
  • They don’t look like Shape-Ups like the Hokas do (This is julie’s contribution to the  review!)


  • Tread pattern
  • Midsole paint is starting to flake
  • MSRP: $130 (but still on the lower end for a maximalist shoe)


Overall, I am very pleased that I decided to try the Altra’s.  They are great shoes so far and I can definitely see myself wearing them when I line up for the Javelina Jundred in November. They have all the cushioning I was looking for and the width of the shoe is great for those of us with wider feet.  It’s a good shoe for road or trail running and I’m looking forward to putting more miles on them.

Thanks for reading,

Now go out and run!!




Menu Plan Monday

Oh Monday…I could have used an extra day this weekend! We had a ton of fun with Easter festivities from egg hunts to egg tosses and bunny themed food.  Here is a pic of some cheese carrots from yesterday! carrots

I have never had allergies but I think they’ve gotten a hold of me and I feel like I’m in a fog today. Or, it could be from all the junk I ate yesterday!  Needless to say, Johnny and I sat overstuffed AGAIN last night and vowed to get back on track for the week! So, here is the plan for dinners!

Monday: The boys are on their own since I won’t be home for dinner. I’m guessing  Johnny will come up with a great concoction with all the leftovers from last night!

Tuesday:  Eggplant and Zucchini Parmesan   

Wednesday:  Ah…bike night! The boys love bike night so I look forward to Wednesdays! But, it’s also rush, rush, rush so we can go on a bike ride night! We’ll have some kind of pizza! It might end up being a ham and spinach pizza if we STILL have ham leftover!

Thursday:  Hope that grandma and grandpa have us for dinner (or Plan B: Chicken Fajita Stuffed Peppers)😉

Friday:  Roasted Veggie Black Bean Tacos

Saturday:  Portobello Sandwiches– but maybe not with that big ole bun!

I saved my favorites for the weekend so that staying home sounds “exciting”!

I’m sure Johnny will find some nice long runs this weekend since we are potty training Bodie! This is one of those weekends where I wish I had a training plan to follow and NEEDED to run! ;)  Johnny got new shoes last week so he said he’d do a “full review” on them soon!  I think it’s funny that he keeps trying new shoes…when you run as many miles as he does each week I have to think that no matter what shoes you have you are still going to hurt!


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